Personal Training


Personal training is a powerful and popular method that many people turn to after many years of trying to get/stay in shape on their own. With that being said, many people also employ personal trainers because they know from many years of experience that they just will not do it on their own long enough to make any substantial progress.

Personal training remains a growing business and a valuable service in today’s marketplace because the world that we have created no longer supports the healthy level of physical stress that our bodies require to live long, energetic, motivated lives.

Most people fail at exercise for 1 of 3 main reasons:

  • Forcefully training the body without a matching mindset
  • Lack of knowledge to put a complete program together that is effective and worthwhile
  • Lack of the support, accountability, and variety required to keep things interesting and purpose driven

Many people who would benefit greatly from personal training do not have access for several reasons including money, time, and energy.

This is why we have varying formats that we deliver personal training in.

The chart below explains the differences.




(Begins with the Foundation Program)
Objective: 1 on 1 person training is a specialized program with exercises specifically designed to improve ones’ posture, flexibility, movement ability, and general strength.

These sessions are great for those experiencing muscular imbalances, pain & discomfort whilst engaging in regular exercise.

To develop the habits & skillsets necessary to be comfortable, consistent & purposeful with exercise. This powerful program literally lays the Foundation to becoming an Empowered Exerciser.


Group Size: 1 individual/trainer 1 – 3 individuals/trainer
Value: High Extremely High
Cost: $60 – $75 / Session $30 – $40 / Session
Frequency: 1 – 3 sessions/week 2 – 4 sessions/week
Minimum Commitment: 4 weeks 12 weeks
Session Length: 60 minutes 60 minutes
Ideal For Individuals That:
  • experience muscular imbalance, pain, or discomfort when exercising
  • have been diagnosed with a chronic health condition that requires a customized exercise regime


  • are serious about living the benefits of exercise
  • are ready to learn and have the desire to become effective exercisers
  • absolutely love the benefits of personal training, but cannot afford it long-term


  • fitness studio
  • in your home


  • fitness studio only


Equipment Required:
  • exercise mats
  • dumbells
  • barbells
  • squat rack
  • cable pulley system
  • exercise ball
  • stopwatch/timer
  • other supporting exercise equipment
  • exercise mats
  • dumbells
  • barbells
  • squat rack
  • cable pulley system
  • exercise ball
  • stopwatch/timer
  • other supporting exercise equipment

At Xelf we offer personal training in 3 forms:


Our home and office program designed to be done with minimal equipment.

“For the first time in my life I’ve found a program that I can stick with. I think of Xelf as being like fitness lessons; each week I learn new things and then go home and practice them.  The weekly small group instruction is perfect for me … more fun than doing it all alone, certainly more affordable than a personal trainer and far superior to a big gym or “boot camp” atmosphere.  The mental exercises, such as reflecting about one’s relationship with exercise, establishing short and long term goals, and identifying keys to success are critical elements of this program, as well.  Nobody has ever asked me to consider those aspects of exercise before.”

– Mary-Beth Beasley

1 ON 1:

After a thorough physical and lifestyle assessment our experienced personal trainer(s) will design a customized program toward a specific outcome that you have. 1-on-1 personal training is excellent for those with chronic disease(s) or orthopedic challenge(s) that want to live an active life.

“Damian really puts an emphasis on how you’re doing a certain exercise and he pays attention to the body and explains to me what I should be feeling and that’s new to me.  Damian is extremely observant. He’s watching my body movements all the time and making slight adjustments that make a world of difference – ‘Oh, that’s how it was supposed to feel’.  He makes you more aware of your own body in space. He’s very knowledgeable. You want to feel like your trainer is invested in you and that’s what Damian is, he is invested in you and your long term success with exercise.”

– Joanne Pettit-Guscott


Our Signature Program; The Xelf Foundation Program is a special 2-4x/wk 12 week program for inactive contemplators, beginners and those who struggle to succeed at exercise and living an active life.