Nutrition Coaching serving Dundas

Without the right fuel for your body, you can only take your fitness results so far. As a dedicated fitness program company, we strive to combine nutrition and exercise to build you a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained producing life long results. You need to maintain a healthy diet in order to enhance the results of personal training and overall body satisfaction. With a nutrition coach you will feel cleaner and more energized. Xelf is a personal training studio accommodating Dundas and surrounding areas! We aide our customers to achieve results that they themselves have been struggling with by giving them the right nutrition coaching. We understand that attainting an active and healthy lifestyle goes beyond just exercising, it is about the right nutrition.

Xelf has been working with many clients for nutritional coaching near Dundas to improve their lifestyles. We want to help you have more nutritional knowledge so that you may build better habits, while improving your mental and physical energy. With three types of nutritional coaching, here at Xelf, we can provide you with unique programs that fit your schedule and needs. Our programs include, self info, personal assessments, and full nutrition programs. We offer nutritional material to learn and read over by yourself, or a unique assessment based on your eating habits and nutrition along with with nutrition information given to you. Our last option is a full nutrition program, that includes an original assessment, cooking classes, and follow up consultations with one of our expert nutrition coaches.

City of Dundas Facts:

  • Before it was called Coote’s Paradise, and renamed after 1814 to Dundas.
  • Dundas is home to the Dundas Valley School of Art.

Cities near Dundas, Ontario:

  • Hamilton, Harrisburg, Burlington, Brant, Oakville, Caledonia, Ancaster, Stoney Creek

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