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Fitness and good nutrition is the happiest couple there is! Without the right fuel for your body how can you even began to perform well? Here at Xelf we emphasize the importance of a good nutritional diet along with regular exercise to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Xelf is a personal training studio serving Waterdown and surrounding areas, with a focus on nutrition coaching. We believe a combination of a good balanced nutritional and exercise routine is the key to a healthy and happy life. With the right nutritional coaching we provide ways for you to learn more about what keeps your body running smoothly and what hinders its performance. We understand that attainting an active and healthy lifestyle goes beyond just exercising, it is about the right nutrition. Over our 11 years in the fitness industry we have found ways to perfect nutrition coaching so that it can meet each individual’s needs.

With clients who like to learn and engage in various ways we have built three nutrition programs We want to help you have more nutritional knowledge so that you may build better habits, while improving your mental and physical energy. With three types of nutritional coaching, here at Xelf, we can provide you with unique programs that fit your schedule and needs. For those who like to learn on their own we offer a self-study, where we provide you information to look over and follow on your own. We also offer a unique assessment with our in house certified nutritionist, who will provide specific eating strategies and original nutrition coaching. Lastly, for individuals who want to really learn and engage, we provide a full nutritional program, that includes an original assessment, cooking classes, and follow up consultations with one of our expert nutritional coaches. Xelf has it all and you can have a better nutritional diet if you call us today! Get a head start on a new and healthy lifestyle!

City of Waterdown Facts:

  • Waterdown is one of the best cities to be for small business owners
  • One of the first land grants in the area was to Lt. Alexander MacDonell of Butler’s Rangers.

 Cities near Waterdown, Ontario:

  • Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Brantford, Ancaster, Cambridge, Dundas, Guelph

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