Nutrition – Stoney Creek

Just like a car, your body without the proper fuel won’t run how its supposed to. Here at Xelf, we have learned that our bodies require sufficient nutrient to function optimally. Often when our clients personal train but do not keep healthy eating habits they do not see as much as a change as they would like. It is important to not only exercise but to maintain a healthy diet so that you body is not fighting itself. With our diverse nutritional programs, we have information and support, at varying levels of involvement from us. We provide self study nutrition information, for those who like to tackle challenges independently. We also provide unique assessment programs, where our in house nutritionist will provide you better eating habits and strategies based on your body and preferences. Our last nutrition program is a full nutritional program, that includes an original assessment, cooking classes, and follow up consultations with one of our expert nutritional coaches. With or nutrition coaching your body will start to feel energized and clean!

Xelf has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, we have realized that nutrition and personal training go hand in hand. As a dedicated fitness program company, we strive to combine nutrition and exercise to build you a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained producing life long results. Now serving the Stoney Creek and surrounding areas, we encourage you to come to Xelf and learn more about our nutrition programs.

City of Stoney Creek Facts:

  • The Erland Lee Museum, site of the first Women’s Institute in the World, is also located in Stoney Creek.
  • The population of Stoney Creek is to 62,292.

Cities near Stoney Creek, Ontario:

  • Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Brantford, Grimsby, Ancaster, Cambridge, Halton Hills, Dundas, Guelph

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