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nocontract Flexible Scheduling

closeNot Limited by Injuries

ecologyComfortable & Supportive Environment

Untitled-1Quality OVER Quantity

Learn 2-4 new routines every month

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$30 Personal Training sessions

Open Gym

Personal Training

Personal Training

At our personal training studio, you will find a variety of price ranges corresponding to different commitment levels as well as the opportunity to learn and work closely with our knowledgeable and passionate exercise coaches. Working with our personal trainers will improve your body composition, strength, movement ability, core stability & posture. Our personal training sessions are aimed at helping you create an active life that you enjoy, with functional strength training as your Foundation.
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Massage & FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy)

Massage & FST (Fascial Stretch Therapy)

Living an active life is much more enjoyable and sustainable when we feel good moving, and this is one of fundamentals of our personal training sessions. By lessening your internal resistance and tension, you are capable of taking on greater external resistance. This enables you to move about feeling lighter, more efficient, and grants your body the ability to recover faster in between workouts.We currently offer traditional massage therapy, fascial stretch therapy (FST) & thai massage sessions.
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Welcome to xelf!

Founded and incorporated in 2005 by personal trainer Damian Lockhart, Xelf has remained true to its vision of empowering people to live an active life that they enjoy. Xelf is the word ‘Flex’ spelt backwards because the only lasting results come from within. As exercise coaches/personal trainers, we aim to not only provide our members with temporary exercise motivation, but also to create internal motivation and independence within them. Xelf has acquired a beautiful new private fitness studio on 1 West Ave S as of January 2015.

Mission Statement:

“We exist to empower people to live active lives they enjoy, so that the journey is appreciated and the benefits are lived!”


We endeavour to be a unique, highly impactful personal fitness studio, where quality trumps quantity.


EMPOWERMENT – we exist to empower people, primarily through personal training, to love their lives more using exercise as a vehicle

STRENGTH & MOVEMENT ABILITY – required to live an active life long term

EXERCISE AS PLAY – exercise should help you love your life more – use it to seek joy

AUTHENTICITY – we build powerful relationships by being realistic with goal setting & expectation

LEADERSHIP – we model living an active life that can be enjoyed

COACHABILITY – Our coaches coach and have coaches. Xelf is a humble place to be

INDIVIDUALITY – A system of choice and variety within structure that enables you to express yourself and yet stay on track with an exercise regime

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"xelf is motivating and rewarding. It develops self confidence and makes exercising fun and enjoyable rather than work."

Jen Gain

"This business adapts the gym with my work life. Now I see the gym like a friend and not another boring obligation."

Sebastien Gauthier

"I have more energy throughout the day, especially in the evening. I highly recommend this program. I feel fantastic thanks to you and your super fantastic exercise program. I feel strong and like a super woman. Yeehaw!!! Thanks xelf for everything!"

Earla Kwok
Damian Lockhart

Damian Lockhart

Damian Lockhart has been a Fitness Professional (personal trainer) since 2000 and founded Xelf in 2005. As a personal trainer, his lifelong relationship with exercise, nutrition, and seeing others struggle to find their balance has been the driving factor behind his passion to help others become Empowered Exercisers. Damian believes that the coaching and exercise influence of a personal trainer is necessary in establishing the foundation of living an active life that people enjoy.
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Omar Qubaia

Omar Qubaia

My relationship with exercise hasn’t changed in many years but what has changed is my ability, as a personal trainer, to get others to develop a better relationship with exercise. After feeling the benefits of strength training/personal trainer sessions, people are more likely to try doing activities they once loved to do.
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Mary Pat Vollick

Mary Pat Vollick

As a result of the Foundation program I now understand that previous experience does not make or break your success. Everyone has the potential to become an Empowered Exerciser. xelf creates an environment that is accepting of each person as an individual. No two people or bodies are ever the same;
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